Vapor Phase Biofilter

The MATRIX® Biofilter was designed to treat VOC vapors from remediation systems. This technology filters contaminants and odor-causing agents through a biologically active media where the contaminants are adsorbed and biodegraded. Matrix’s modular system consists of a humidifier, biofilter with stackable trays, and a regenerative blower to extract the treated air and maintain a slight negative pressure on the system. The stacked tray design minimizes the footprint of the system and prevents media compaction. Five-tray units may be used individually for flow rates up to 100 CFM for VOC removal and 200 CFM for odor control. Multiple units can be operated in parallel for higher flow rates.These units are easy to install and can be quickly disassembled for transport to other locations.

Matrix also offers design-build services for open bed biofilters to treat higher flow rates. The systems are custom designed based on the air flow rate, contaminant loading and available space at the site. Matrix has designed open bed biofilters from 1,000 to 10,000 CFM.