Oxygen Injection System for Groundwater Bioremediation

The Matrix Oxygen Injection System produces pure oxygen from compressed air for pulse injection into groundwater at controlled rates, resulting in high transfer efficiency to groundwater and dissolved oxygen saturation levels exceeding 50 mg/L. Because the resultant oxygen supply is greater than the total oxygen demand, this system creates optimal conditions for native bacteria to break down petroleum hydrocarbons, gasoline oxygenates and solvents, for faster and more efficient site cleanup. This cost effective system has shown excellent results with MTBE and TBA, with a history of successful site closures over the past 16 years.

This technology is suitable for many geologic conditions including fractured bedrock. Hazardous vapors are not generated making the process ideal for shallow groundwater conditions and in close proximity to receptors. Oxygen injection is used for plume treatment and in biobarriers. Unlike other oxygen supplying techniques, it treats the entire plume by dispersing and dissolving oxygen gas into the formation. The process of dissolved oxygen is not diffusion limited and the oxygen supply is sustainable which prevents a return to anaerobic reducing conditions in groundwater.

  • Matrix Oxygen Injection Systems have been successfully applied at nearly 300 sites, and are used by major energy companies, utilities, the U.S. Military and state regulatory agencies.
  • Matrix's oxygen injection technology provides a solution for the cleanup of petroleum leaks from underground storage tanks (LUST). LUST cleanup is an environmental program administered by EPA.
  • Matrix Oxygen Injection Systems are available for purchase, rental or lease. Full training is provided.
  • Matrix oxygen injection does not produce hazardous vapors requiring collection or mitigation systems and is generally exempt from injection well and air permitting.

Matrix Oxygen Injection System training videos are posted on YouTube.  The videos contain an introduction to Oxygen Injection, as well as Start-up and O&M information.  Click on the link to view the videos.   http://www.youtube.com/user/MatrixOxygen/videos.