Vapor Mitigation

We conduct vapor intrusion assessments and install mitigation systems in industrial, commercial and residential buildings.  

Vapor Mitigation

Vapor mitigation systems maintain indoor air quality through the reduction and/or removal of hazardous vapors, volatile organic compounds, and other soil gases.  Almost all structures, both residential and commercial, are susceptible to vapor intrusion, regardless of foundation type.  The goal of vapor mitigation is to reduce vapor concentrations in indoor air to levels considered safe for human occupation.

Matrix designs and installs sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDSs) as a turnkey service, as a subcontractor to consulting/engineering firms and for sites in the NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP).  We also install SSDSs in occupied buildings as part of site remediation and redevelopment projects.   In New York we conduct assessments and install mitigation systems under the guidance of the Department of Health (DOH).

We are experienced with the following in both new and existing buildings: 

  • Soil vapor intrusion (SVI) assessments
  • SSDS pilot testing, design and engineering certification
  • SSDS installation, testing and engineering certification
  • Fan/blower selection and installation
  • Air treatment design and installation
  • Sub-slab dewatering design and installation
  • Remedial technology selection and implementation in vapor sensitive locations