Oxygen Injection

Oxygen injection treats groundwater and soils beneath the water table, smear zone soils, bedrock fractures and the overburden/bedrock interface.  


The Matrix Oxygen Injection System produces high purity oxygen gas from compressed air for pulse injection into groundwater at controlled rates, resulting in high transfer efficiency to groundwater and dissolved oxygen saturation levels exceeding 50 mg/L. This method of oxygen gas injection is safe and effective for remediation beneath occupied buildings and in locations with vapor intrusion concerns.  It is also effective in migrating groundwater plumes and aquifers that are being pumped as a potable water supply.

The technology was developed in the 1990s for bioremediation at petroleum underground storage tank (UST) sites and improved to remediate migrating plumes of the gasoline additives MTBE and TBA.  Large scale systems have been successfully operated at former MGP sites and former wood treating sites, using both deep horizontal injection wells and multi-depth vertical injection wells.  Remediation of groundwater plumes in fractured bedrock has been completed at numerous sites from the sandstones of the Western U.S. to the limestone and shales of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  Other applications include biobarriers to prevent plume migration and protect downgradient receptors, with oxygen injected into native formations or in engineered barriers in low permeability soils.  Systems are also operated to oxygenate surface waters to manage harmful algal blooms and to manage iron fouling in groundwater pumping systems.

Oxygen injection treats groundwater and soils beneath the water table, smear zone soils, bedrock fractures and the overburden/bedrock interface.  The technology is not limited by depth, groundwater velocity or size of a plume.  All groundwater contaminants that biodegrade aerobically are treated with oxygen injection, including many chlorinated solvents.  The technology is often used in conjunction with chemical oxidation, water or vapor extraction systems and anaerobic bioremediation.

Matrix maintains a rental fleet of trailer mounted systems for pilot testing and full-scale remediation.  Systems are also built to order and provided in trailers, skid mounted buildings and shipping containers, or customized for installation into existing on-site enclosures.  Purchase and rent to own terms are available for new systems.

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